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Bengaluru City 10K Run

A first of its kind run in Bangalore, a community run featuring Indiranagar for the 1st edition, the Bengaluru city 10K run is aimed at promoting health and a wellness culture at the base community level across the city. The run will bring together fitness conscious individuals, business, intelligentsia, sports, personalities, families & friends within the said community.

The premium edition is a curtain-raiser to quarterly runs across 5 zones that will collectively reach out to all of Bengaluru. The primary objective is to support The Red Ribbon Revolution and its endeavours of creating a stigma-free world for children and youth living with HIV/AIDS with sports as a medium of transformation. The proceeds will also be instrumental in creating a sport infrastructure, healthy lifestyle and developing a sporting culture.

The mission will extend into promoting community wellness using fitness as a medium of communication, education, prevention of disease. The idea is to help individuals make healthy choices which will in turn will have a positive effect on work life balance. Through strong community participation, the project also aims at improving the environment, social and economic condition that contribute to a quality life and well-being of all residents.

The philosophy behind this event has a creative proactive framework for developing strategies and prevention of health crisis. To accomplish this, we will include Corporate, Government bodies and organisation to jointly working towards disseminating knowledge and skills, educating masses, mobilising communities, building coalitions and advocating for a changes in organizational and public policy for an empowered and a healthy society.

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Catholic club is all set to become the 4 th club to be a part of the unique Billiards & Snooker premier league conceptualized & executed by EON Sports Management for the elite clubs of 5 Bangalore. Slated for the month of November, preparations are underway to make this edition of the league a success as big as or even better than the leagues conducted at The Bangalore club, Century Club & Bowring Institute.

The league based format for billiards & snooker has caught fire in the city of Bangalore ever since it was introduced in 2015 by EON SM. The brain child of Mr. Mayur Satishchandra, SBL 2015 took off in style when Mr. Steve Jude Fernandez came on board to provide the required structure, form & shape to the tournament. Ever since, EON SM represented by Mayur & Steve have become the favourite go to guys for all clubs to help execute league tournaments not only for Billiards & Snooker but for other sports as well. Catholic Club with their talented bunch of Billiards & Snooker players are next in line to experience the fun & chaos of this unique league based format of play that brings together the playing fraternity, promotes networking, builds and encourages camaraderie & most of all induces a fun yet serious competitive spirit for the participants. Join us as we execute another spectacular league for The Catholic Club in November. More details to follow on the EON Sports facebook page.

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